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Woocommerce Swatches settings

Woo Swatches

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is easy to use WooCommerce Product Variation Swatches Plugin for WooCommerce. This Plugin terns the product variation select options fields into beautiful look of colors, images and labels. By using this plugin you can show WooCommerce variations in to colors, images & labels instate of default dropdown fields. That give new experience of your Ecommerce site and product page look for your customers. So customers can easily select his variations and place order.


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Woocommerce Swatches settings

Variation Swatches is easy to use WooCommerce product variation swatches plugin. It offers an aesthetic and professional experience to select attributes for variation products. It turns the product variation select options fields into radio images, colors, and label. It means with the help of this powerful WooCommerce color or image variation swatches plugin, you can show product variation items in images, colors, and label. So, you can say goodbye to dropdown product attribute fields.


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce not only offers the color, image and label attributes in the single WooCommerce product. It also enables them in product quick view. If you’re using WooCommerce themes like Flat some that comes with default Quick View option, you don’t need to hassle to load color and image swatches for variable product attributes in quick view separately.

In the free WooCommerce attribute variation plugin, besides creating size, brand, image, color, and label variation swatches, you can handle the swatches shape style Rounded and Circle. On top of that, it allows you beautiful tooltips on variation swatch hover. Based on your requirement you enable and disable hover from the settings. To maximize and personalize your development process, the product attributes swatches comes an option to disable default plugin stylesheet so that you can personally write your own CSS.


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WooCommerce Swatches settings WooCommerce Swatches settings WooCommerce Swatches settings WooCommerce Swatches settings

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