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woocommerce composite products

Woo Product Composite

we will do setup of

  • Link the quantity to the main product
  • Ensure that the component can only be ordered in a quantity of one
  • Allow the customer to choose how many of each component they want to add to their composite product
  • Allow the customer to choose the component’s quantity – but set minimum and/or maximum quantities


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 WooCommerce Composite Products

WooCommerce composite products are a way of letting your customers configure their own products. looking at how to create a ‘build your own computer’ product in WooCommerce and how to create a gift hamper product. There’s also a list of WooCommerce composite products demo products

What are composite products?
 WooCommerce composite products are a way of assembling a customized product out of several other products. For example, think of a gift hamper where the customer chooses which products are included. Or a computer where the user configures all the components – from motherboard to keyboard. This is the best way to create a WooCommerce build your own product.

Composite products are also sometimes referred to as kit-builders, kit-building products, or custom product builders.

Conditional logic is an essential feature of any advanced composite product. Certain components might only be available depending on selection of the customer has made. For example, your gift box might include different products depending on the size of the box. Conditional logic makes this possible.

You can price your composite products in two different ways:

  • Either set a fixed product price for your composite product. Whatever components the customer select, the price will always be the same.
  • Or let the combined price of the component products decide the price.

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