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Toolset Setup in WordPress

Toolset Setup

Toolset Setup in WordPress

What is Toolset plugin?

Toolset Types is an all-in-one plugin for managing custom content in WordPress. It allows defining custom post types, custom taxonomy and custom fields. No HTML, no CSS, no JavaScript and no PHP needed!

You must have Toolset Plugin, We only do setting of it. Plugin charges not include in it.


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Toolset Setup in WordPress

Using Toolset plugin we can design

Rich and Beautiful Blocks

Toolset includes everything that you need to design great-looking sites. We use the WordPress Block Editor as a basis and built our library of design elements on it.

Responsive Design

Optimize your designs for different screen sizes, so that they look great on desktops, tablets and phones.

All One Package

Complex integrations are fragile. With Toolset, you don’t need any other plugins to build advanced sites. It all comes from one package and it all works smoothly.

By Toolset Plugin we can

  • Easy to manage Set-up Custom Post Types, Fields and Taxonomies

  • Easy to use Design Templates and Archives Visually

  • Powerful Create Custom Grids, Tables and Lists in Minutes

  • Rich Create Beautiful Designs

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Or you face any kind of WordPress Errors we are here to solve that, you can hire us.

Toolset Setup in WordPress, Toolset Setup in WordPress

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